MechSoft Launches Apache Enterprise Java EE Projects Support Program


News: MechSoft Launches Apache Enterprise Java EE Projects Support Program

  1. Would you like to use Apache Software Foundation (ASF,, Java EE Projects in your mission ciritical applications but thinking about the commercial support? MechSoft Mechanical and Software Solutions ( has launched their commerical support on the following ASF Java EE Projects

    • Apache Geronimo Application Server
    • Apache Tomcat
    • Apache MyFaces
    • Apache OpenJPA
    • Apache OpenWebBeans
    • Apache OpenEJB 

    What MechSoft Offers to Their Customers

    • Products Update: When a new version of the product is launched, we immediately deliver updates to our customers. It may also contains hot-fixes according to the subscription level.
    • Security Patches:  Providing critical security patches.
    • Technical Support: Providing technical support according to the subscription level.  
    • Custom Developments/Extra Feature Implementation: Providing/Developing custom features for products that customer wants.
    • Development Support: Providing consultancy on Java EE project development.

    Subscription Types

    • Basic Subscription, is the perfect fit for the non-mission critical applications.
    • Enterprise Subscription , is the exact choice for the customers who require 24x7 support for their mission critical applications.

    More Information

    For more information visit the Subscription Guide Page

    You can directly download subscription guide document from


    Gurkan Erdogdu


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    I was impressed by Turkish PrimeFaces and now MechSoft. Turkey is like Serbia in tennis, which is a small country with lots of tennis stars (Djokovic, Jankovic, Ivanovic ...)

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    Indeed, interesting trend for a country that until recently wasn't particularly known for its software industry.

    Hope this trend continues! :)

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    I'm a little curious as to how you provide support on stuff that is essentially embedded frameworks. It's a little like saying you have "24/7 support of java.util.*".


    Anyway, gl!