The last few years have been spent working hard to make Ehcache the best possible solution for users with caching needs. 2.4 beta 1 is another big step forward. The beta includes some significant new features and improvements that can be read about here. This blog is a few notes on getting started with those features and a few comments on why they are important.

Ehcache Search

This is one of the most requested features for Ehcache. I can't count how many times that I have had a map or cache and just wanted to quickly and easily search for an entry. Sure, one can write an iterator and use Java's matchers but that's
  • A bit of annoying coding
  • Only practical for unclustered caches
Ehcache 2.4 Beta 1 has a new search interface in core Ehcache that works throughout our scale continuum. We used the "Fluent Interface/DSL" style that we've been moving towards over the last couple of years in both Ehcache and Quartz Scheduler. This style of interface makes an API easy to use and read like english.