If you could ask one technical interview question, what would it


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  1. First off, there are equally important questions for a candidate that are non-technical (do they work well with others, can they imagine a better approach, etc.). But to evaluate the technical skills, what would be your one question?

    I ask because I have one. I have no idea why this question works so well. I don't even have a good theory. All I have is an incredible correlation between answering this question correctly and being a really strong programmer.

    The question was suggested to me by someone I respect a lot. I replied that it seemed too easy but he suggested I try it. He's a smart & imaginative guy so I started asking it of people I interview.

    The interview process at virtually every company I have worked at has been 3 – 4 hours long. We ask basic programming, we ask brain teasers, we have them bring in some code they are proud of and spend 45 minutes having them take us through what they did and why. And 99% of the time, getting this question right or wrong predicts if they will pass the 3 – 4 hour process.

    Question: For the integers between 0 and 100 (i.e. 1, 2, 3, …, 100) – how many have the digit 7 in them?

    Answer at The Best Programming Interview Question – ever! (so you answer it yourself before seeing the answer).

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    Well, if you want to know whether the guy is an attentive programmer, I think this kind of question is pretty good.

    Sometime ago, I was asked about an algorithm that would receive an year and output whether it would be leap or not. I guess this is a good way for testing the pogrammer skills.