On Dec.20, 2010 - e-iceblue Co., ltd., who provides high-quality components for reading and writing office file formats anounced that users who purchase e-iceblue products can realize directly through PayPal. This will help PayPal users to purchase e-iceblue products more convenient.  As christmas and new year coming, a large Christmas & New year discount is available in e-iceble store. Now, e-iceblue support both ShareIT and PayPal which will make the great deal of Christmas and New Year much easier.   

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e-iceblue Co., Ltd. is a Premier member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program. The goal of e-iceblue is always to provide high-quality components for reading and writing office file formats. e-iceblue components have been widely-used by most of the Fortune 500 corporations. The key developers of e-iceblue have over 10 years of combined experience developing high-performance, high-quality .net component technology.  Everyday, e-iceblue has helped a large number of developers from large/small companies in more than sixty countries to develop easier, better, faster and to be more productive and deliver reliable applications to their customers.

information(product, price, availability, etc.) about e-iceblue can be visited at http://www.e-iceblue.com

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