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News: Smart GWT 2.4 Released

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    The key features of this release are : 

    • GWT 2.1.1 compatible
    • Smart GWT QuickStart Guide
    • Offline support with seamless integration with the normal DataSource request / response cycle
    • User Defined data highlighting
    • Advanced Hover Components
    • New ultralight Simplicity theme that is virtually image free and easy to customize
    • IE Performance improvements
    • ListGrid autofit support
    • 24h cased Calendars


    Release Announcement :

    Download :

    Showcase Demo :

    For those not familiar with Smart GWT, it is a GWT-based framework that allows you to not only utilize its comprehensive widget library for your application UI, but also tie these widgets in with your server-side for data management. For a quick conceptual overview of Smart GWT, read this article.


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    Excellent work....

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    can it deploy to google app engine?

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    Yes, apps built with Smart GWT can be deployed to GAE. 

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    Personally, I think SmartClient is the best kept secret in the Web development space. I was marvelled by it's beauty and how nice and easy it is to wire all the gui element to backend Spring services or Web services. I have developed a reasonably complex and highly interactive application with it a couple of months back and I'm not looking back. No more hassels with all those frameworks that sit in the way when developing such highly interactive web applications. But mind you, I'm talking about SmartClient, and not SmartGWT. I must admit I'm not very charmed with GWT, in general. SmartClient/Spring/Hibernate combination is all I need. The down side though is that it costs money. But affordable. Good things cost money :-)


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    Using Smart GWT or SmartClient is a personal choice and depends on developer proficiency in Javascript. The developers in the GWT camp are typically more proficient in Java and feel more comfortable building apps in their Java IDE with all the benefits of programming in Java - ease of developing large projects in a structured OO manner, ease of refactoring using modern IDE capabilities, compile time type safety, debugging etc. Javascript experts however will have no problem building similar apps using SmartClient. 

    Smart GWT (and SmartClient) comes in two flavors : the free LGPL version and a commercial edition from Isomorphic that has Spring / Hibernate server side support among other things. The above release announcement is for the LGPL version. The commercial edition release announcement can be found on the Isomorphic blog : and a feature comparison chart can be found here :


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    oops, the correct feature comparison URL is