It may not be obvious to an outsider, but ZeroTurnaround has exploded during the last year. To manage the complexity we started by cleaning up our tools and process. Unfortunately even with those tools in place we keep making mistakes (and what’s worse not catching them in time). We had people waste time overengineering a bicycle, when a guy sitting in three meter radius would have known a simple and easy solution.

We value communication very high at ZeroTurnaround and use our own brand of agilish process. What we needed was some way to follow the team activity without too much overhead and spike conversations when something goes wrong before long. We looked for solutions around the web and didn’t find anything we liked too much. After some investigation we decided to use Twitter to follow the team and business activity stream (or twave).

Find out what activities did we import into the Twitter stream, tips on doing it yourself and code snippets to kickstart you on your way in our blog: