Hong Kong, January 15, 2011 - e-iceblue, a professional c#/vb.net component provider published a free Data Exprot component - Free DataExport Component. As a free Data Export component, Spire.DataExprot Community enable users to export data from SQLCommand, DataTable into 13 most popular formats including XLS, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, DBF, MSAccess, SQLScript, SYLK, CSV, DIF, Text and Clipboard.


This free Data Export component can save you tons of time on tiresome data conversion. With Free DataExport Component in your hands, it will be much more convenient on viewing, printing or modifying different kinds of data than before. For developers, Free DataExport Component is enough good to help end-users quickly export data. Click to learn more.


Key Features:


Support exporting data from SQLCommand, DataTable

Support exproting data to XLS, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, DBF, MSAccess, SQLScript, SYLK, CSV, DIF, Text, Clipboard

ASP.NET and Windows Form support

Provide custom control such as Export event, Row filter

Offer multiple styles including different data format, header & footer, column, cell, font and color

Support multiple sheet(max 3), chart, autofit, image and hyperlink when export data to excel

Support TableGrid Style, Print Setup for PDF

Enable set background, highlight and print setup for RTF

Support builtin style for HTML

Support custom output for XML

100% native C# codes

100% Free! Can be usen on any computer at any location

Friendly interface and easy-to-use operations


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About e-iceblue


e-iceblue Co., Ltd. provide professional .NET components for .NET applications and Microsoft Visual Studio. The goal of e-iceblue is always to offer high-quality components for reading and writing office file formats. e-iceblue components have been widely-used by most of the Fortune 500 corporations. The key developers of e-iceblue have over 10 years of combined experience developing high-performance, high-quality .net component technology. Everyday, e-iceblue products help a large number of developers from large/small companies in more than sixty countries to easier, better, faster and to be more productive develop and deliver reliable applications to their customers.