With Smooks v1.4, users now have a real Open Source option for processing UN/EDIFACT data Interchanges in their Java applications.  This is the big feature in v1.4, but it also lays big foundations for our future work on adding support for X.12, HL7 and other EDI based data formats.

The v1.4 release also contains a really nice integration with Apache Camel, allowing you to mix the awesome mediation capabilities of Camel, with the powerful multi-format data processing capabilities of Smooks, to process messages of various formats (XML, CSV, Fix Width, EDI, Java, JSON, YAML etc).  Some cool working examples of this are included, as well as this screencast.

But there's lots more to Smooks and Smooks v1.4.  Please check it out and let us know what you think!!