Apache HttpClient 4.1 (GA) released


News: Apache HttpClient 4.1 (GA) released

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    The Apache HttpComponents project is pleased to announce 4.1 release of Apache HttpClient. HttpClient 4.1 builds upon the stable foundation laid by HttpClient 4.0 and adds several functional improvements and popular features:

    • Response caching conditionally compliant with HTTP/1.1 specification (full compliance with MUST requirements, partial compliance with SHOULD requirements)
    • Full support for NTLMv1, NTLMv2, and NTLM2 Session authentication. The NTLM protocol code  was kindly contributed by the Lucene Connector Framework project.
    • Support for SPNEGO/Kerberos authentication.
    • Persistence of authentication data between request executions within the same execution context.
    • Support for preemptive authentication for BASIC and DIGEST schemes. 
    • Support for transparent content encoding. Please note transparent content encoding is not enabled per default in order to avoid conflicts with already existing custom content encoding solutions.
    • Mechanism to bypass the standard certificate trust verification (useful when dealing with self-signed certificates).
    • Simplified configuration for connection managers.
    • Transparent support for host multihoming.

    Detailed release notes can be found here

    HttpClient 4.1 API tutorial can be found here

    Code samples can be found here

    Apache HttpClient is now considered feature complete. The focus of development efforts will shift towards further enhancement of HttpAsyncClient, which is a complementary module based on HttpCore NIO and HttpClient components.

    All upstream projects are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

  2. Shameless plug : hc-helpers[ Go to top ]

    HttpComponents is a wonderful framework. However, setting up the HttpClient instance, and working with it to do simple things is a little bit painful.

    So, I have created the hc-helpers project to make it easier to use HttpComponents. There is not much documentation, but the pymager-java project gives examples of hc-helpers+httpcomponents usage. For instance :