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  1. I am running a site on Orion application server but don't have much experience of JSP and EJB. My client wants to take the URL of the referring site and add this to the URL within their own site for the duration of the users visit.
    So for example,

    The site at the moment is just static html pages with a few JSP based applications.

    I know this would be possible by converting each of the pages to JSP. I am not sure how to do this though or how it would effect the navigation? If someone has a good tutorial that would cover this I would be very greatful!!

  2. Does it have to remain in the query string, or can you simply stuff it into the session? Seems a little odd to keep it in the query string all the time.
  3. If you keep it in the URL, then the user can meddle with the data, which you probably don't want.

    I'd go with the suggestion given. Take it, whack it in the HttpSession and go from there.

    If the reason you want to do this is to get the referrer for your logs, then skip this completely, it'll show up in the logs if you set the web server up correctly, when the first hit from the external site comes in.


  4. The problem I have with the logs is that Orion does not log the refering URL. There also does not seem to be anyway to change the logging?

    Anyone know any different, I have searched the Orion site etc?