Highlights of this release are;

  • 75+ filed improvements in issue tracker.
  • General maintenance, various bug fixes and improved quality.
  • Reimplementation of menu, menubar, menuButton and contextMenu.
  • Introduction of new form controls, beginning with inputText and inputTextarea components.
  • Reduced footprint, PrimeFaces is now 1.6mb, still one jar, no required dependencies and configuration.
  • Enhanced theme integration, each theme is now available as a versioned jar file.
  • Initial portlet support.

You can find more information at detailed changelog and the instructions to download the new release at downloads section.

User’s Guide

User’s Guide 2.2 is also now available as the complete reference of PrimeFaces. It is entirely reviewed, updated and improved. First 18 pages of the guide is available as a free download and price of the guide is 9.90 Euros. It is time for PrimeFaces Community to step up and support us. You can find more information about the guide and the process to purchase/download at documentation section.


We put extra care for backward compatibility, we suggest checking your new menus after upgrade and migrate to updated themes.


Next milestone would be 3.0, project plan is completed and target release date of an RC is 11th of April, the day we’ll go to Vienna for the Con-Fess conference where we’ll introduce it. 3.0 will be the next generation PrimeFaces featuring  new PrimeFaces Mobile, PrimeFaces Push, implementation of many most voted features, enhancements to various components (tree, treetable, fileupload), form controls part II (dropdowns, checkboxes, radios) and more surprises. If you haven’t already seen it, teaser video of 3.0 is revealed.