TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011: March 16th-18th, Las Vegas, NV

TSSJS 2011 is just around the corner, and if you haven't signed up for the event yet, here's another reason why you should.

This year, we've got what I think is pretty much the best 'trifecta' of keynote speakers that you could possibly put together at a time like this.

First off, James Gosling, the father of Java, will be leading the conference with the opening keynote on the morning of Wednesday March 16th.

Since the Oracle takeover of Sun, it has been a rough and tumble time for the Java platform, and if there was one event in the past year or so that symbolized the clash between the direction the new stewards are taking Java, and the vision the former Sun employees who created the language had for platform, it was the departure of James Gosling from his Oracle. With the ability to look at what has happened, both since Oracle acquired the Java platform and since he left Oracle, James Gosling will be able to bring his unique insights into the current state of the Java platform, his hopes for Java in the future, and finally what the best path is for the enterprise Java community going forward and what we can do to persuade the new stewards of the language to make sure the Java language continues to thrive.

On day two, TSSJS 2011 will be welcoming Oracle’s Steve Harris, the Senior VP of Application Server Development , and Adam Messinger the VP of Development in the Fusion Middleware Group.

There’s always a desire in the enterprise Java community to know exactly what is going on with Java under Oracle’s stewardship of the platform, and sadly, Oracle has too often done a poor job of communicating their vision to the broader community over the past year or so. With Steve and Adam keynoting on the second day, there really couldn't be two better individuals from Oracle to communicate the Oracle vision for Java, while providing some unique insights on what we can look forward to from Oracle in regards to enterprise level, server-side development.

And finally, Rod Johnson, the creator of the Spring framework and the General Manager of VMWare’s SpringSource division, will be doing the closing keynote on the third day.

To me, Rod is really the perfect individual to 'bat cleanup' after the keynotes from James Gosling on the first day and Oracle’s Adam Messinger and Steve Harris on the second. The first two keynotes involve two conflicting perspectives on the current state and stewardship of Java. SpringSource on the other hand seems to represent almost a third angle completely on the current state of Java; one that rises above the conflict and just gets some very kewl and interesting things done. Despite ongoing problems with the Java Community Process, complaints about the speed with which Java innovates, and plenty of reasons for fear and consternation about the future of Java, SpringSource seems to have managed to constantly rise above the fray, producing tools, products and frameworks that push the enterprise Java community forward while creating new vigor, confidence and enthusiasm for server-side Java. 

So to me, there really couldn’t be a more timely, effective or even interesting group of speaker to come in and keynote TheServerSide Java Symposium in March of 2011. And just in case you haven’t got your tickets already, if you register before February 11th you’ll be eligible for the early-bird discount on the price of admission.

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