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    This is a short tutorial on Developing web applications with Spring MVC. Leverage the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern with Spring to build decoupled web applications. Check it out at the following URL:

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  2. Very old stuff[ Go to top ]

    This tutorial looks like code you might find that's been sitting around some big company's svn server for years and years.  Unless the tutorial was intended for people stuck on Java 1.4, it's not relevent.  If that guy wants to post it to his blog, that's cool, but for it to be posted to tss, that is kind of sad.  Then again, maybe I'm the one stuck in the past, when tss was worth reading.  ....back to infoq I guess.

  3. Mate you dont have to be that mean, I agree with you regarding the tutorial, but you dont have to be that mean with either the writter or the portal. Why dont you write a good example your self and post it?



  4. sorry[ Go to top ]

    Sorry, I didn't intend to be mean about it.  it's just be frustrating to see this site go downhill.  Oh well.

  5. RE: Very old stuff[ Go to top ]

    I don't, I'm personally kind of sick of that guy taking articles and tutorials from elsewhere and aggregating them and then posting his version instead of the original on TSS.  Kind of frustrating.


    I will never click on another "javageeks" link again. The site hurts my eyes and I feel like it's just link baiting.

  6. RE: Very old stuff[ Go to top ]

    Sorry, "JavaCodeGeeks" not "JavaGeeks"

  7. Hi guys,

    Thanks for sharing your opinions here. Just a few words from me, since I believe that you are being a little unfair to us:
    1) We have submitted multiple articles during the past months, the vast majority of which were produced by us and most of which were really helpful to the community (according to the replies both on TSS and our site).

    2) Regarding the articles that are reproduced, this is of course done after prior agreement with the original authors (JCG program). Additionally, the articles are never copied verbatim. They are first edited, corrected from possible linguistic mistakes (most of our partners do not speak English as their first language) and enhanced in every possible way (providing relevant links, giving a more detailed explanation of some concepts, improving readability etc.)
    Thank you again all for your responses.