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    Google Web Toolkit is great for creating Ajax enabled content spots on your web pages. But what about creating large web applications with GWT? The DayZipping tech blog asserts that there are benefits to be had from using GWT, including a reduced server load, social integration and some SEO help through the history manager.

    Using GWT to Build a Large Web Application

    The SEO assertion is interesting, as a historic slam against GWT has been the inability of search engines to spider content on these types of rich content delivery sites.

    The dubious line in the article reads as follows: "the GWT team here in Atlanta (day trips) has done an incredible job optimizing their compiler and libraries." That's an interesting statement.

    Even on small projects, the compile time for GWT applications aggrevates even the most patient developers. Just how much optimization of their compilers was needed, how skilled does one need to be with regards to optimizing the GWT compiler in order to make working with the framework worth your while, and is this optimization of compilers and libraries significantly resource consuming over time? Those are the concerns of people thinking about adopting GWT as an in-house development framework, after all, who really cares if a GWT app reduces the load on the server?

    Using GWT to Build a Large Web Application

    A Few Ways To Get Better GWT Compile Times




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  2. Server load for startups[ Go to top ]

    Cameron, for a quickly scaling startup server load is monumental. Reducing time spent configuring memcache, managing new server instances, etc. to achieve affordable scaling can be a big win in this stage. 

  3. GeniusWiki is good example.[ Go to top ]

    There is a good example for GWT on large application.

  4. example using GWT[ Go to top ]

    It is example large site  using gwt with MVP


  5. What is the cost?[ Go to top ]

    You could build a large-scale application with almost any technology, including PHP. The point is what the cost is, including development and maintenance.

  6. Compile time ??[ Go to top ]

    Practically you never compile during development with GWT.

    You have the Shell and browser plugin that prevent this, so I can't get your point, what do you mean by "compile time" ????

  7. Compile time ??[ Go to top ]

    Yeah, this didn't seem clear.  GWT allows you to develop in development mode against interpreted Java code for fast round tripping.  I use mocked out test services and develop modules in isolation.  If I want to merge intoa larger app I need to compile which does take some time depending on number of browsers.  I don't use localization but I think that increases compile time too. Estiated ratio of round trip interpretations to compiles: 100 to 1.

    In terms of large scale app development, using a strongly typed, moduler, partitionable, junit testable client language that happens to be the same language I use on the server side, with the same IDE, with lots of well thought out abstractions and patterns and widgets and... nah.


    I just use it 'cause it works on my iPhone.

  8. In 2010 we decided to use GWT in place of the JSF for the new interface of our  document management product LogicalDOC

    I must say that thanks to GWT, we have reduced by about 8 times the memory needed for application and multiplied by a factor of 10 the response speed of the software.

    At the same time the server load has dropped dramatically, thanks to GWT that unlike the standard JSF application works on principles similar to RPC , transferring only the data and leaving  the computation / display data to the browser.

    I must say that LogicalDOC use extensively the concept of modularization and exclusion from the compilation of the various modules (in order to reduce the compilation times).

    Another crucial trick that we used was to adopt an external localization solution, without relying on the standard proposed by the framework. This is because this software is multilingual and if we had to fill out the application for 6 browser and we had some 10 different languages compile times are too long.

    If you want to know more about the motivations that led us to choose GWT check out this link

  9. how can we Optimize the loading time of a GWT Application.

    when we load important data in a grid or combobox, it take too long time to show the data.

    can please help me and tell me how can i get some idies.