Chronon "time travel debugger" now in open beta and available for download


News: Chronon "time travel debugger" now in open beta and available for download

  1. Chronon is a new technology that consists of:

    A “flight data recorderâ€? for Java programs which can record every line of code executed inside a program and save it to a file on the disk. The file can be shared among developers and played back in our special time traveling debugger (which is a plugin To Eclipse) to instantly find the root cause of an issue. 

    To download and try, please go here:

    Video demos are found here:

    Please take a look, as we welcome any and all feedback.

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  2. Caution[ Go to top ]

    I purchased their 'Virtual Ant' program a couple of years ago. That software should never have been released for sale. At best it was at Alpha stage. I won't be fooled again.

  3. Caution[ Go to top ]

    But this seams a real good thing (R). I'll try it.

  4. performance impact[ Go to top ]

    Nice tool, if it works as advertised. I have been looking for such a tool for some years already and thinking about implementing it myself (however, I have too little experience in Eclipse plugin development).

    Anyway, I wonder what is the performance impact on the "record" phase? I guess I cannot leave it on in production? If no, then it cannot be too useful.

    I looked around on Chronon web site but this obvious question was not mentioned anywhere - I suspect that the performance is not good enough :-P

  5. performance impact[ Go to top ]

    Details of performance impact and production usage are mentioned both on our blog and the community site:

  6. Forbidden and can't install[ Go to top ]

    Forbidden when access to the following link

  7. Eclipse crash[ Go to top ]

    finally, I can install the plugin.

    But after it finish install, Eclipse 3.6 complain "Fail to start the JVM" then crash.

  8. Eclipse crash[ Go to top ]

    Does 'eclipse' crash on startup or the program you are trying to run crashes?

    Eclipse crash cant be a Chronon issue. Like all eclipse plugins, Chronon loads lazily and doesnt even necessarily load on startup.

  9. Eclipse crash[ Go to top ]

      Someone else seemed to have a similar problem to yours and we seem to have succesfully solved it.