Java Code Geeks Andygene Web Archetype Released


News: Java Code Geeks Andygene Web Archetype Released

  1. Hello all,

    We are happy to announce the release of an archetype and a forthcomming open source project for rapid application development. The first archetype includes the following :

    • Spring MVC
    • Spring Security
    • CXF
    • Activiti
    • Drools
    • JasperReports
    • JPA2
    • ActiveMQ

    Read more at :

    Java Code Geeks Andygene Web Archetype

  2. Most of these is included in Appfuse Archetype. if every one starts announcing their archetype on TSS, and if TSS excepts all these. There would be no space for other stories. Recently, it seems that TSS has became a place for javacodegeeks to just post a link to their site.


  3. JDev if you are kind enough, read the article please! You will notice that the archetype is only just the begining of a much bigger effort from ourside to provide the Java community with an interesting suite of tools. Tools that will help the development of a wide variety of applications for several domains. We are not competitors to appfuse.

    As far as your comment about the TSS posting content from Java Code Geeks, let me pinpoint that there is always room for interesting articles. Unfortunatelly there are a lot of people who will not share their knowledge with the community. If you have something interesting to say all you have to do is publish your thoughts at TSS. Be certain that if they are really interesting and valuable to the community, they will be posted!