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    Is there any other tool other than OptimizeIt for performance profiling.

    Also, I am trying to run my application server using HotSpot (thet latest version). I am getting OutOfmemory Exception during startup. I have tried setting up the Stack size to be 96K using editbin(NT). The same problem occurs in Solaris as well. I am able to run the same application with IBM JIT and it runs fine. Any hints on how to debug.
  2. We tried OptimizeIt and JProbe vom Sitraka with our 30 Beans Weblogic Project. With JProbe activated, WLS needs 40 minutes to start up, whereas with OptimizeIt it was only slightly slower than normal. So there is my advice: Stick with OptimizeIt. We found 2 memoryleaks with this tools, which we even didn't know off...
  3. While not a profiler, Introscope from Wily Technology ( can help you isolate performance bottlenecks at the component level while you're in production or load testing mode... 2-3% overhead...

  4. Precise/Indepth is a recently-released J2EE performance management tool providing drill-down performance analysis and correlation of servlets, JSPs, EJBs, and JDBC requests.
  5. RE: the message above referring to slow startup of WLS under JProbe. You can turn off the option that has JProbe immediately begin collecting profiling info. Turning off the option allows WLS to start at basically normal speed.

    Once that's done, I think JProbe is the much superior tool between OptimizeIt and JProbe. Navigation of the profiling data is easier, and is much better presented IMO.