JBoss JSRs move the Java EE platform forward


News: JBoss JSRs move the Java EE platform forward

  1. The JBoss implementation of the Java EE 6 platform is nearing completion. Early access for developers was announced at the combined Red Hat / JBoss World event in Boston earlier this month. The changes in the new version of the platform are the introduction of dependency injection, updated Java Bean validation, and redesigned data handling via persistent memory cache. Red Hat also announced two new cloud offerings, OpenShift and CloudForms, which provide Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), respectively.

    At JBoss World 2011, Ashesh Badani, senior director of middleware at Red Hat and JBoss, discussed new developments in the Java EE 6 platform specifications and the introduction of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. According to Badani, Red Hat and JBoss industry experts have lead the way on three Java specification requests that have lead to "major steps forward in the evolution of the Java EE platform". Specifically, Badani talked up JSR 299 concerning Java dependency injection, JSR 303 concerning Java Bean validation, and JSR 347 concerning in-memory persistent data stores.

    Learn more about these particular Java specification requests.

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  2. CloudForms and VMForce?[ Go to top ]

    CloudForms sounds interesting. I'm wondering if this competes or compliments VMForce (Salesforce, VMWare, and Spring)?

    The persistent memory cache sounds interesting too. Has anyone used it (or its predecessor)?