What began two years ago in the far northern country as an attempt to re-invent production updates has culminated into the today’s release of LiveRebel 1.0. Already managing a multitude of production environment it’s best described by the following tagline:

Java EE Hot Update Done Right. No downtime. No lost sessions. No OutOfMemoryErrors. Fully automated. Instant.

LiveRebel represents a quantum leap over all currently available technology for updating Java EE applications.

  • A fully scriptable server and web console that can manage single-node, clustered or cloud Java EE applications of any size on any container.
  • Versions each class and resource individually instead of reloading the whole application, avoiding the problems associated with container redeployment and rolling upgrades.
  • Roll out updates instantly and opaquely to the users. Code is updated in-place, preserving all existing state.
  • Uses an all-Java JVM plugin (-javaagent) on the nodes causing a 3-5% performance overhead.

In a recent survey, conducted by our CTO, Jevgeni Kabanov, only 27.4% of over 600 respondents were satisfied with the update process of Java EE applications. The rest cited multiple issues with container redeployment, lack of tooling and automation as well as lack of industry-standard processes. With the release of LiveRebel 1.0 we can finally offer a solution to this industry-wide problem.

To learn more about LiveRebel you can see the 5-minute screencast, read the overview or just download the free 90-day evaluation. LiveRebel 1.0 is an annual subscription that costs $200 per JVM instance in pre-production and $600 per JVM instance per year in a production environment. For mission critical operations, please contact sales at zeroturnaround dot com for a customized quote.