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News: Terracotta bought by Software AG

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    Terracotta and Software AG announced this morning that Software AG has acquired Terracotta, which produces Ehcache and Terracotta DSO. Rumor has it the company was purchased for 50-60M euros.

    CTO Ari Zilka's blog on the acquisition included this:

    ... In addition to enhancing Software AG’s already-great products and accelerating Terracotta’s roadmap that much faster with more resources and more concentrated feedback, we also intend to embark on a new vision and strategy for cloud-enabled applications. Call it a stack, a platform, a service, or whatever you like. But rest assured, the enterprise application development community – whether you work in Java, .Net, or C++ – will soon have a powerful and exciting new option for building applications in the cloud. This new option will include the most scalable, widely used in-memory data store on the market today, Ehcache with BigMemory coupled to Terracotta Server Arrays. And it will be standards-based and open, to work with most application servers, development frameworks, and data stores. In fact, we plan to make it the most open platform on the market, with interoperability as a core value proposition.

    I think this is a great time for Java. Lots of innovation is happening in data management technology as well as in operational runtime environments. Together, Software AG and Terracotta intend to take your app from local-only simple caching, to distributed in-memory solutions, and all the way to datacenter-wide or cloud-scale deployments on the order of petabytes. This cloud vision encompasses all Software AG’s products and Terracotta’s products far into the future.

    Software AG focuses on big SOA designs, with WebMethods, Adabas, and their ARIS platform. Pure speculation but this means they're going to use Terracotta to look into the lower-end java space, not that DSO is low-end but that DSO users are smaller than some of Software AG's customers are, like going from Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000.

    This is great news for Terracotta, because they've been trying to find some big comapny to buy them for years now. Congratulations, guys.

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  2. GridGain and GigaSpaces[ Go to top ]

    When are were going to see GridGain and GigaSpaces being bought out?

    I thought Terracotta would have been bought up ages ago.

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    Man, you're really asking for trouble, aren't you? :)


  4. Well[ Go to top ]

    1) Not planned 2) According to rumors - within 30-45 days by SAP AG http://bit.ly/dLH7HL

    What's up with Germans?

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    "The Lady (man) doth protest too much, methinks." 

    -Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 222–230

  6. Well[ Go to top ]

    According to rumors - within 30-45 days by SAP AG http://bit.ly/dLH7HL

    One couldn't imagine a better fit.


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle

  7. :)[ Go to top ]

    Man... that's some deep sarcasm on so many levels :)

  8. Hello Readers,

    Do any of you familiar with Terracotta have any predictions on what will happen to open source projects like Ehcache and Quartz now that Software AG bought Terracotta?

  9. They will remain under the same licensing terms and get additional attention and resources.

  10. One word: WebMethods[ Go to top ]

    Just look at what happened to WebMethod when they were acquired (inlcuding their open source initiatives). May be Terracotta will be different - but Software AG has almost no interest in OS software (just not their business). 

    Terracotta was looking for a buyer for years (!) and that was a unspoken "secret" in this little cottage industry of ours. We all speak to the same investors, same folks... So acquisition by Sofware AG is not a codly friendly transaction - but rather a cold play of picking niche technology at a distress value. $60M sale on $20M investment - that's called "sub-par" exit. 

    In a short term - i think both projects will remain active and alive. 

    Everything is stricly IMHO.