JasperWave - completely new Eclipse-based designer for JasperReports.


News: JasperWave - completely new Eclipse-based designer for JasperReports.

  1. The JasperWave team is pleased to announce that alpha release 0.9.0 of the JasperWave Report Designer is now available. JasperWave is a visual report designer for JasperReports, the world's most popular open source reporting engine. 100% pure Java, Eclipse-based reporting solution that allows users at all technical levels to seamlessly create reports in a very intuitive and natural way.    

    • WYSIWYG report designer
    • Connectivity to JDBC, XML, Java beans(POJO), CSV, Excel
    • Visual query builder for SQL and XML
    • Charting library with over 20 different types
    • Export to PDF,RTF,HTML,XLS,XML,CSV and more

    Learn more at  http://jasperwave.com

    This release does not represent the final version. We do need your help to improve the product, so please try it and let us know what you think.

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  2. If you are find designing for Jasper to be limiting and/or slow, please take a look at Windward Reports. With Windward you design reports in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. (disclaimer - I'm the CTO at Windward.)

  3. We prefer open-source[ Go to top ]

    We are more oriented on J2EE developers and server based reporting. So, if you prefer open-source, you choose JasperReports or BIRT, depending on your needs -flow or page layout

  4. Comparison with iReport[ Go to top ]

    How does JasperWave Report Designer compare with iReport and what are the advantages? 

  5. Speaking shortly:

    • JasperWave - Eclipse plugin or RCP,  IReport - standalone java app
    • JasperWave - SWT, JFace, IReport - Swing
    • JasperWave  uses Eclipse , IReport - NetBeans
    • Different approaches to visualization - wizards, elements, L&F
    • Support of JasperReports schema(spec): JasperWave - partial, iReport - almost full
    • ...

    For more information http://jasperwave.com/product.html

    Thank you,

    JasperWave team