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    Notable features are;

    • Reimplementation of component event callbacks (*Listener, *Update) as ajax behaviors. See details here.
    • Reimplemented Charts using HTML5 Canvas, replaced flash based implementation.
    • Reimplemented Layout Component.
    • Reimplemented ColorPicker.
    • Resizable DataTable Columns.
    • Implementation of some most votes requests like default sorting for datatable.
    • Update to latest jQuery stack versions(jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile …)
    • Fixes on security exploits
    • Significant amount of Bug Fixes

    See full list of changelog for detailed information and downloads section at PrimeFaces homepage to get the release.


    Next iteration is 3.0.M3, it will contain tag/attribute documentation for IDE code completion, improvements over PrimeFaces Mobile and lots of maintenance. M3 is due mid august followed by 3.0.RC1 in september and then the 3.0. final.

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    Widget-wise and cosmetically PrimeFaces looks very good and that attracted me to it. About a month ago I finally gave it a spin on my new project with lots of enthusiasm. My short experience with PrimeFaces is that if you want to stretch it a bit beyond the boundaries to achieve the expectations of a professional web site look you have to put in a massive amount of effort that sometimes doesn't even yield what you expect.

    Take as example the Panel. I couldn't find an easy way to create a Panel that switches to scrolling mode when it's dynamic content expands beyond it's initial size. I know a framework that does this out of the box.

    And you want to create a page with PrimeFaces's Layout manager that screens to fit during resizing of browser? You will sweat.

    With pain in my heart, I had to abandon PrimeFaces. Pain in my heart because it looks very good, compared with the other JSF frameworks on the market.

    Having said all that, I should also mention that PrimeFaces may be suitable for many, many projects out there. So I strongly urge you to give it a try as it might suit your needs. It didn't work for me, but might work for you.




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    Hi Jan,

    For panel;

    .ui-panel-content { overflow:auto; height:300px; } will give you scrolling content. We haven't made this built'in and left it to the user since it is one line of css.

    Regarding Layout component, 3.0.M2 has a brand new layout, it seems to be working fine with your case.

    It is always a bad feeling to lose a user but on the other hand we are quite happy with the popularity of PrimeFaces. 2.2.1 has been downloaded around 40,000 times. Having said all these, there is no silver bullet in this business :) Good luck with your project.

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    Hi Cagatay,

    Thanks for your response.

    Well, it looks simple with that one-liner. Obviously it requires some CSS to do it. The news is that I purchased your documentation and yet missed that. That says something about the quality of your docs.

    Why can't you abstract that to something like this:

    <p:panel header="My Header" overflow="auto" height="300px">
    //Child components here...

    Remember that many people coming from Java don't have that CSS skills and are mostly not much interested in it that much. Nowadays, many developers are required to come up with professional looking sites without the help of a web designer. Abstrating things like that would be of great help and make your framework a big success. Just a thought though.

    Good luck though with PrimeFaces. Maybe I would take a look again in a year or 2 from now.




  5. Keep-up the good work!!![ Go to top ]

    To Jan,

     That's the spirit, wait for a year or two before using the about contributing too...


    To Catagay,

     Keep-up the good work, I have bee using Primefaces since the beginning and just wanted to say "good" work. Nice release cycle and nice incremental features development.



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    I think adding overflow and height will make things just complex, css has tons of these options, we'll end up with attribute hell.

    Page 286 in user's guide documents .ui-panel-content and all other selectors of panel. Same applies to all components each having it's own css docs.

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    This is so basic CSS. If you don't know it, you should not do Web development at all. Leave the Web front end to others in your team!

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    Hi could you give us some more information on

    "We’ve applied for a special funds here in Turkey to develop PrimeFaces Push so depending on the outcome fate of PF Push will be decided"

    Is there a risk PF Push will not be part of the final release?


  9. Push ?[ Go to top ]

    It will be in final, whether we get a sponsor for it or not.

  10. Push ?[ Go to top ]

    It will be in final, whether we get a sponsor for it or not.

    Great news,


  11. I'm also a fan. Works and looks great, all my production apps are running it. I did lose some time at moments, figuring out details, but that happens with many things. I just hope Primefaces 3 continues to mature.

    I definitively recommand it.