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  1. installing a war file in orion 1.4.5 (2 messages)

    This is an orion newbie question. We have an application
    that installs as a war file and runs with tomcat
    and weblogic. We are looking at running with orion
    as well.

    Is there a FAQ or posting somewhere that gives a
    roadmap on which of the various .xml files in
    the config directory need to be modified to
    tell orion about a web application? I have not
    been able to find anything in the doc....
  2. If you can't find the info on or, it's definitely in the mailing list archive somewhere (accessible from

    The basics: Orion won't accept just a WAR, it needs a whole application in an EAR. However, you can make your WAR a module of the default application, which amounts to the same thing.

    I don't remember the details, but you can find them in the list.
  3. We just did a distribution of Maverick ( and our sample ships as a war file, so here is a section from our installation.

    1. Add this to the end of orion/config/application.xml:

    <web-module id="myWebApp" path="../applications/myWebApp.war" />

    2. Add this to orion/config/default-web-site.xml:

    <web-app application="default" name="myWebApp" root="/URLPath" />

    Hope that helps,