Anyone using EJBs with opensource frameworks (Turbine/Struts)


EJB design: Anyone using EJBs with opensource frameworks (Turbine/Struts)

  1. I just wanted to know if any of you developers are using Turbine, Struts, Espresso, Barracuda, or templating mechanisms with an EJB app server. I am interesting in how to appropriately integrate the web tier with the enterprise business tier using Value Objects and an open source MVC web framework. Anyone have any experiences they can share? (Floyd....hint...hint). What should I watch out for? What must I be sure to do? How should I best design beans and EJB's for this framework?
  2. Hi,
    we plan to use Enhydra4, once the final release is there, and its presentation framework Barracuda.
    Enhydra4 includes the Jonas J2EE server components.