Atlassian releases JIRA 4.4


News: Atlassian releases JIRA 4.4

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    Atlassian is thrilled to announce the release of JIRA 4.4 - our biggest JIRA release in years satisfying over 1,400 votes! The JIRA dev team has been working hard to get time-saving and productivity features in for JIRA admins and end users alike. 

    • Visual Workflow Designer
    • Project-centric administration
    • New installer & upgrader
    • More power in search

    Project administration has a new, simple interface. All the specifics of a project are available at-a-glance, making it easy to get a handle on an existing project - which issue types, fields, and permissions are associated - and make changes on the fly. Workflow editing is the most exciting part - JIRA 4.4 includes the new built-in visual workflow designer

    Upgrades, installation and setup each have a new wizard. The new upgrader 

    • checks plugin compatibility 
    • provides a file 'customization report'
    • migrates commonly modified files

    Which means JIRA will be up and production-ready in a snap, leaving tons of time to explore the project-centric admin pages. WithAdministration Quick Search, you can now get to any page in the administration section by just typing in the name.

    Other notable updates include more powerful JQL (JIRA query language) and support for displaying multiple time zones (Setting a user time zone will display all times in your zone, and indicate if other users are currently in night or day - helping with real-time activity, decisions about who to assign an issue to, and expectations around how soon a user might respond.)

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    Any updates which make the SOAP API slightly more bearable or bring it into the modern era with a REST API?

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    Hey Dan - Making a much better remote API is high on our radar, with most of the focus being on the REST API as opposed to SOAP. In 4.4, we've invested into some REST API improvements, particularly around administration / project configuration (e.g. setting up components, versions, etc.). However, we are definitely planning to do more work moving forward.

    I'd love to hear a bit about what APIs you're looking for in particular, or what you're trying to achieve with remote APIs in JIRA. Feel free to email me at edwin at atlassian dot com.