On Aug 19, 2011, e-iceblue announced and published its newest version of Spire.XLS. Spire.XLS is .NET Excel component which enables your .NET applications fast generate, read, write and modify Excel document without Microsoft Office Excel Automation. In the latest version 6.0, Spire,XLS added Silverlight platform which also enable Silverlight applications to read, modify and write XLS documents.


“We added Silverlight platform for Spire.XLS just like Spire.Doc. And soon we may add Silverlight platform for our other components. For Spire.XLS, the new version also added some new functions, and improved performance for some main functions. It should be a really huge step.” said by the CEO of e-iceblue, Jason.


As one of the most popular components in e-iceblue store, besides new platform Silverlight added, what other new functions would Spire.XLS give us from the new version? First, new version of Spire.XLS entire supports Excel calculate engine; Second, it supports Encrypted excel 2007 ~ 2010 file; Third, Version 6.0 supports Spark Lines; Fourth, Name range is available for new Spire.XLS.


On the other hand, Spire.XLS version 6.0 improved the performance of many functions which now should be much better than before. First, the technical team improved marker designer data type check and data formatting. Then, they also improved read and write pivot table and pivot chart functions. At last, Excel to PDF conversion effect improved a lot.


Main Features of Spire.XLS Version 6.0:


1. Silverlight platform supported.

2. Excel calculate engine entire supported.

3. Encrypted excel 2007 ~ 2010 file supported.

4. Spark lines has been supported

5. Name range has been supported.

6. Improve marker designer data type check and data formatting.

7. Improve read and write pivot table and pivot chart functions.

8. Improve Excel to PDF conversion.