Spring Ehcache integration: second-level caching in Hibernate


News: Spring Ehcache integration: second-level caching in Hibernate

  1. In this article by Nirupa Katare, we look at how easy it is to integrate Ehcache with your Spring-based applications. If you're interesting in finding out what's involved in getting Spring and Ehcache to work in your applications, just give this tutorial a read:

    Spring Ehcache integration

  2. Really Old Version Of Ehcache?[ Go to top ]

    Wonder why this article uses a version of Ehcache that is at least 3 years old? Ehcache http://www.ehcache.org is on 2.4.4

    Otherwise nice article...

  3. Really old version of JPA[ Go to top ]

    and no mention of the fact that an L2 cache is part of JPA2 either. Would have thought that if writing a tutorial in 2011 it would use software that is used in 2011 ...

  4. A cache is only interesting if it is efficient (high-enough hit rate %).

    To monitor the performance of your L2 cache, there is nothing better than the Ehcache and / or Hibernate plugin of MessAdmin!

  5. Damned missing preview feature, the URL of my previous post is all wrong!

    Please go to http://messadmin.sourceforge.net to get MessAdmin...