Free version of JRebel released with JRebel 4.5


News: Free version of JRebel released with JRebel 4.5

  1. Free version of JRebel released with JRebel 4.5 (5 messages)

    JRebel Social is free to use for non-commercial development, and the only thing you need to do to use it, is let your network know it exists, once per month. Simply login and register using your Twitter or Facebook account and then pickup your online or offline license keys. As icing on the cake, you can see how much time you’ve saved by eradicating redeploys (and builds) from your Java development process, on your personal dashboard. Try it out, and let others know what you think: I’m personally curious to see what will come of the thousands of hours that JRebel Social will save for the Java industry this year.. feel free to let me know what you’ll do with the extra time!

    JRebel 4.5 comes with a bunch of new features, including:

    • Support for Java 7, JBossAS 7, Apache Wink, Jersey, Spring Web Services, JAXB
    • Support for Managed beans and JSF components
    • Support for Oracle ADF lifecycle
    • Injecting EJB references into Servlets on WebLogic 10.3.x & Glassfish 2/3
    • Improved support for @Value annotated properties in Spring plugin
    • A new embedded JRebel for IntelliJ IDEA plugin
    • Important bugfixes for JBoss Seam and Mojarra

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  2. twitter/facebook[ Go to top ]

    ... and if you don't use either of those ?

  3. twitter/facebook[ Go to top ]

    Then you can purchase the Personal license. We had some requests for G+, but we don't plan to support it yet.

  4. That's dicriminating[ Go to top ]

    Personally I think this is pure discrimination of developers that don't have and don't intend to have their profiles on social platforms of any kind. Quite dissapointing to see this kind of attitude from JRebel guys.

  5. That's discriminating[ Go to top ]

    I think calling this discrimination is very harsh. The platform is for "social" and thereby offered to and through social media users. If you don't use Facebook or Twitter, you are apparently not the target market for this. You're not be discriminated against. you're choosing not to participate in a program that is for a certain population segment.

    Mostly, you are upset that you will not get something for free that others might. That's not the fault of the offer. That's you being upset all by yourself over a company moving towards a hot promotional medium that you're not interested in. 

  6. "let your network know" (aka spam)[ Go to top ]

    So basically the developer of non-commercial software has to have one of those accounts so you can spam that persons "friends" that there is this commercial software? Thanks, but no thanks; I decide what I tell my friends.