Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Java developer in India? Which tools, containers and frameworks do Indian developers use? How do Indian development environments compare to the environments of other java developers globally? India is home to hundreds of thousands of Java developers, and we think that the show “Outsourced? shouldn’t be the only window into the daily work lives of India’s IT crowd. To illuminate the space, we collected information from over 1250 Indian developers  in order to provide you with answers to questions like:

  • Which build tools are used in India, and how does it compare with the rest of the world (RoW)?
  • Which IDEs are the most popular, and what are the biggest contrasts in usage?
  • Is there an influence on Application Server market share in India by large, US-based providers selling functionality-rich app servers, compared with RoW?
  • Which Java frameworks are popular in India, and how does new technology uptake differ between RoW and India?
  • Is Java 1.4 and earlier still alive in India, and how does this influence the usage of other tools, versions and technologies in Java?
  • Do Java devs in India see longer turnaround times due to the build/redeploy cycle than RoW devs, or not?
  • Is Java development generally efficient in India? What is considered “efficient development??

To find out the answers to these questions as well as how they compare to the rest of the world: