Antepedia is the largest Knowledge Base of Open Source components


News: Antepedia is the largest Knowledge Base of Open Source components

  1. When I talk to the un-tech members, I have difficulties explaining what makes Antepedia such a remarkable knowledge base. How could we explain the importance of having a strong base of open source components and demonstrate that Antepedia is the world's largest knowledge base of open source components?

    When talking is harsh, numbers explain well the database growth: with 537 million files and more than 1 million projects, Antepedia is the world largest data base of open source components. The content of the base comes from many different locations from GoogleCode and SourceForge to Apache, Debian and Maven Central with a large distribution between the sources.

    Accessing the database is free for anyone. Antelink, the company behind the database, designed a search engine so that you can upload any content and find out all the information you need: the project in which it was first published, the original licenseā€¦

    Find out more data and figures about the Antepedia Knowledge Base.

  2. Search engine ? its a link back to this very same page

  3. Thanks your are right.

  4. A very, very slow site... yawn![ Go to top ]

    So slow it's almost unusable. Why don't you go to the real source- Google. Or are they telling us we need to be rocket scientists to be able to do that?


  5. By the way, Google is not "the source for every things". If you look for a piece of source code showing an example extracted from an open source project, you are right, you can use google code search (which will be closed next January ...). If you care about open source, which mean caring about license, and identifying authors of these lines of code, use Antepedia.

    About speed, you may find this link interesting ;

    Using one of the client from our tools suite, scanning is faster (at least because you don't have to upload the file !). It scans between 5000 and 10000 files per hour, and its free for open source projects.