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    James Gosling, the father of Java, provides an interesting look at the man who was Steve Jobs.

    "I interviewed for jobs with him 3 times... Each was a wonderful, intriguing conversation, but I left each thinking 'no, I can’t work for this man: he is mad!'"

    Was Jobs a designer? No. Was Jobs an engineer? No. Was he a control freak? Definitely, according to Gosling.

    It's an interesting read: James Gosling on Steve Jobs

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    What do yout think James meant when he said Steve was "mad"?  I don't believe he meant it in a mean way, probalby something like extremely focussed, wants total control, ..., or even "mad scientist."
    BTW, I asked this question of James in the comments on his blog but alas no response (which is understandable I guess - don't want to be noted in press for calling Steve mad ;-)
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    Crazy in a good and bad way.