Bob Lee on Java References, Square, and Deploying Rails on the JVM


News: Bob Lee on Java References, Square, and Deploying Rails on the JVM

  1. Bob Lee, CTO of Square and formerly responsible for core libraries in the Android platform sat down with O'Reilly for a short interview during JavaOne.   Bob talks about his talk on Java References as well as his work at Square and his current challenge to find a reasonable approach to deploying Rails applications on the JVM.

    "Lee is one of the reasons the Android platform just works. He was responsible for Android's core APIs and libraries. His contribution to Google is also greater than just working on one of the most popular mobile platforms in the world. Along with Dhanji Prasanna, Jesse Wilson, and Kevin Bourrillion, Lee was the creator of a dependency framework named Guice. Now Guice isn't nearly as popular as Spring, but it runs many of Google's critical applications and it has been incorporated into a few high profile projects, such as Maven. Bottom line: If you use Google's products and you happen to have an Android phone, Lee's handiwork is all over the place."

    Here's the full interview at O'Reilly Media.

  2. Wouldn't the Square card reader be made obsolete by NFC based Google Wallet?

  3. Square - Obsolete?[ Go to top ]

    Not really

    NFC replaces (sort of) a credit card. It's a device for consumers.

    Square is a card reader. It's a device for merchants.

    The square card reader is slightly obsolete already because it only reads magnetic strips, and cannot read NFC devices that are already available (PayPass / PayWave), but that's true of many merchant devices. I expect Square will release an NFC reader at some point in the future once NFC cards (or non-cards) become more common.



  4. So as part of OSCON Java we thought we'd run a bunch of static code analysers and the Netbeans Java 7 'analyser' (detects where Java 7 might help out) on the Guice 3 framework.

    We found almost _nothing_.  Not only did Bob and the rest of the Guice team defeat the static code analysers, they also defeated a group of cynical conference goers and speakers eye-balling the code as well.

    One of the truly well designed and implemented APIs out there in Java land (until history proves it wrong ;p).

    I'm still determied to find some catasthropic faults in it, but for now? Well played Mr Lee, well played.

  5. +1.

    Bob and gang write some of the tightest code out there.