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News: An extensive RIA technology comparison matrix

  1. An extensive RIA technology comparison matrix (13 messages)

    Today the people behind Vaadin released an updated comparison matrix that lines up the most popular and prominent rich web technologies for a truthful comparison matrix. They're now trying to gather feedback for any mistakes they might've made in the data points, or other things that might've be unclear or simply wrong.

    Some introductory information about the new matrix can be found in the release-blogpost at, but the comparison matrix itself is found at

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  2. Where's Primefaces?[ Go to top ]

    Glaring omission.  Also, an independent evaluation would be preferred; not surprisingly they ranking equal to or above the default competition in everything but Netbeans IDE support.

  3. Primefaces[ Go to top ]

    Primefaces should definitely be added as it seems to be the most popular JSF framework today. Please submit an appropriate column to me ( and we'll add it to the matrix.

  4. Glaring Omissions for Flex 4.5.1[ Go to top ]

    How convenient to insert a ? for Flex forums, and half a green circle or whatever that is for Flex 4.5.1. Especially when the Flex forums are highly active forums. And. Adobe does provide experts for help.



  5. Flex forum post numbers[ Go to top ]

    Unfortunately we do not have the numbers. If you know how to get these, please help. 

  6. Where is ADF?[ Go to top ]



    I'm sorry to mention, but I'm missing the Oracle ADF framework in the comparison.

    It might not be popular in the Open Source community, but it's actually a very good and complete framework for development of enterprise RIA applications.

    In addition, how independent is this comparison ;-)?




  7. ADF[ Go to top ]

    We would love to have ADF also in the matrix. Please submit a column for it to me (


    Forum numbers are challenging with ADF as the forum is combined with several other technologies and thus the montly number of posts is amazingly high. I would have hard time believing ADF to be more popular than jQuery... Maybe we should just leave the forum numbers out as classifying the forum posts to ADF related and others would probably be impossible task.

  8. missing eclipse RAP[ Go to top ]



  9. RAP[ Go to top ]

    RAP was one of the frameworks we originally wanted to include. From the forum post numbers its use seems to be limited when compared to other frameworks on the list and we left it out. 

    On the other hand RAP is quite similar to Vaadin - and the main reason for the matrix was to be able to compare Vaadin to others - thus making it interesting to be included in the comparison. We did not do enough research to be able to include it. yet. If you want to help, please submit a column for RAP to me ( 

  10. Accessibility?[ Go to top ]

    Nice matrix. But how do these technologies compare regarding accessibility (aria, etc.) ?

  11. It's always good to consider the source. But I'm okay with this. Naturally, you would assume that they think pretty highly of their framework. I prefer reading this (and a few other similar comparisons) over reading ones that are supposedly unbiased, but you are never really certain of hidden motivations.

    Anyway, this framework has come a long way. The demo looks really nice and the license is friendly.

  12. Objectiveness[ Go to top ]

    We tried hard to be as objective as possible. I think that we succeeded for each comparison point to be fair. BUT, we still did the comparison mainly for Java developers looking for a framework to build rich application (not web pages). This adds a bias to the comparison. It would not be too relevant for someone looking for - say - JavaScript frameworks competing with jQuery. So when looking at the comparison - keep in mind that you might have also some other questions in mind aside from the ones we use in the comparison.

  13. Was about to check now "unbiased" the "biased" comparison can be, but got :

    "Comparison Portlet is temporarily unavailable."

    Can you fix it, please.

  14. Misleading Comparison[ Go to top ]

    Of course, it's biased since it's from Vaadin. They develop this project for making money.


    They just list the features in ways that favor themselves. For examples, Vaadin got limited features/widgets in Vaadin Core (under Apache license). So that's why they created a lot of add-ons. (In the comparison, it sounds positive.) However, some basic functions like JPAcontainer are commercial (not free) addons. This kind of trick will definitely not show in the comparison.