JMS Browser 2.5 just released!


News: JMS Browser 2.5 just released!

  1. JMS Browser 2.5 just released! (3 messages)

    What's new:

    • Listing of durable subscriptions and pending messages show subscribers and pending messages (HornetQ, TIBCO EMS and ActiveMQ support this feature)
    • Improved UI for better performance and improved usability 
      Lots of improvements, for example, central debug logs and faster processing of high number of messages 
    • Central Message Archive store any jms message in an archive and send them to queues or topics on any connected server
    • added IBM WebSphere SIB support (experimental) 

    With JMS Browser you can browse, view and send JMS messages in queues and topics easily from a powerful Eclipse based user interface.

    • runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X natively in 32/64 bit mode
    • monitor your queues and topics with message preview, nondestructively
    • powerful live filtering of messages
    • save, edit, send and resend messages
    • with XML formatting- drag'n'drop messages
    • easy-to-use support for many different jms providers
    • unrestricted 30 day trial version

    Visit the JMSBrowser Homepage for more information
    Or watch the video tour to get a fast overview

  2. Very Premature stage[ Go to top ]

    Just to take a look I downloaded, the setup is pretty straight forward and right away it connected to my JBoss messaging queue. It looks simple and bit useful. But overall it looks very basic, and not much,. I think the whole thing can be built in couple of days. Not sure it is worth spending any money on it until the quality and documentation gets improved.

  3. Very Premature stage[ Go to top ]

    It is a good idea to specify what needs to be improved in terms of quality - some bullet points about what exactly is expected instead of giving a vague feedback.

  4. Hi

    I have just downloaded the JMS Browser 2.5, and connected it succesfully to IBM Websphere MQ (v7) queue manager. The queues are listed, but the messages in the queues are not listed. I can see the queue contains messages, but the browse does not list the messages on queue.