On Nov 2, e-iceblue published new Spire.Doc update version, 4.1.8. Spire.Doc is one professional component to manage Word documents without Microsoft Office Automation on .NET and Silverlight platform. This new version focuses on fixing the bug that the fonts are different in header and footer when converting Word to PDF.

Before the release of version 4.1.8, in October, e-iceblue had updated most of the products in the store, including Spire.Office, Spire.Doc and Spire.XLS, to fix bugs which existed in last versions and add some new features to improve performance. In order to develop perfect versions, e-iceblue team is trying best to improve performance of products and hope that the products can meet more customers’ requirements.

Update Details:


  Version 1.6.2 - Packed Spire.Doc 4.1.6, Spire.XLS 6.0.6, Spire.PDF 2.0.7 and Spire.DataExport 3.2.1


New Feature: 

  Load Excel 2007/2010 file with password

Bugs Fixed – Version 6.0.7

  Load Excel file with pivot table


New Feature:

  Support special paragraph style which has blank name

  Support .NET Framework Client Profile. The special dlls are under BIN\NET 4.0 ClientProfile.

Bugs Fixed – Version 4.1.3

  Image size when loading document by stream

  StackOverFlowException when converting documents to PDF

Bugs Fixed – Version 4.1.4

  Table layout when converting Doc to PDF

  Justify alignment when converting Doc to PDF

  CYMK format image drawing when converting Doc to PDF in Win7

  Paragraph items position after replacement

Bug Fixed – Version 4.1.5

  Nested bookmark start/end flag lost problem when replacing text range

Bug Fixed – Version 4.1.7

  Extract space between lines when converting Doc to PDF

  Extract space of empty field when converting Doc to PDF


In October, e-iceblue published one update version for Spire.Office, one for Spire.XLS and 4 versions for Spire.Doc. These update versions had been fixed some small bugs in last version. Also, new features were added for meeting more requirements for customers. In the future, e-iceblue team will do more for satisfying with customers.

For more information about e-iceblue products, please visit http://www.e-iceblue.com.