Five years waiting for JRE7: it’s justified? (Part 1)


News: Five years waiting for JRE7: it’s justified? (Part 1)

  1. JRE6 was released in 2006 and five years after a major JRE version was released, during last few years java looked stagnant, and many java developers begin to worry, and this concern was amplified when Oracle purchased Sun.

    We will try to discover if there’s a big refactoring or maybe many features was added, that can explain this duration between these two releases. In this first part we will focus on design and implementation changes, and the second part will be focused on added features and breaking changes.

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  2. Didn't Sun do tons of changes in the updates to Java 6? Many of them were ported back from JDK 7 work.

    Everything to do with the Oracle acquisition must have added to the delay as well.


  3. Wasn't most of it due to the politics of the executive committee?  Specifically Google and Apache bitching about the "field of use" restriction and basically blocking the ratification of SE7?