On Nov. 24, 2011, Thanksgiving Day gives most of sellers a good opportunity to promote their products.

This year, E-ICEBLUE also announced a Thanksgiving promotion. As a professional .NET & Silverlight components provider, E-ICEBLUE is giving away 3 months Free products upgrade and Prior technical support for their return customers renewing license, and 2 months for new purchasers. For customers who renew license before expiry, E-ICEBLUE still offers 30% Off discount. If users renew license after expiry, E-ICEBLUE also offers 20% Off discount.

During the year of 2011, E-ICEBLUE upgraded its main products includes Spire.Office, Spire.Doc, Spire.XLS and Spire. DataExport.

Spire.Doc, as one of the hottest products in E-ICEBLUE store, has upgraded to Version 4.1.12. The developers added some new features such as add Silverlight platform, supports special paragraph style which has blank name, supports .NET Framework Client Profile, the special dlls are under BIN\NET4.0 ClientProfile and recently added FileFormat.WordML to support xml file of MS-Word schema. On the other hand, many bugs are also fixed by the technical support. Most of bugs are from Doc to PDF conversion.

Spire.XLS, as another hot product in the store has upgraded to Version 6.0.7. This component also added Silverlight platform, and supports excel calculate engine entire, encrypted excel 2007 ~ 2010 file, spark lines, name range and enable load Excel 2007/2010 file with password. Spire.XLS also fixed some bugs such as load Excel file with pivot table.

Spire.DataExport for .NET also upgraded to new version 3.2.4 which supports multiple lines in one cell of a worksheet. Spire.DataExport for .NET has a community edition which is very popular. Recently, a video was created to describe how to use Spire.DataExport Community Edition create Data Export Wizard to export data.

E-ICEBLUE released Spire.Office 1.6.1 on July 11 and published Spire.Office 1.6.2 hot fix on October 24. Now, Spire.Office packed Spire.Doc 4.1.6, Spire.XLS 6.0.6, Spire.PDF 2.0.7 and Spire.DataExport 3.2.1. 

If the products above meet your requirements, you can enjoy this Thanksgiving Day with E-ICEBLUE.


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