Telerik presents new tools for Web-based user interfaces


News: Telerik presents new tools for Web-based user interfaces

  1. We've talked before on about how the new HTML 5 model for Web applications is going to bring us a generation of Web applications that depend on a very distinct separation between the server-side back end, and the Web-based user interface (UI). The idea is that your server-side application will be in Java (or .NET or whatever you like to code in) and the user interface will be a separate piece built on HTML 5 , CSS 3 and maybe a little bit of JavaScript.

    Well, we're now seeing UI tools packaged with templates to ease the process of creating that seamless user interface that brings your Java applications to the Web. The Kendo UI toolset builds on top of existing UI and Web design tools and libraries like jQuery. The product line offers separate packages aimed at Web UI design, data visualization, and mobile applications.

    Check out the official press release and let us know what you think of these tools.

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  2. YUI 3[ Go to top ]

    This is more like a commercial but ok, I appreciate the challenges of getting your new product out there. YUI 3 also provides a unified and maintained framework that offers imho more than Kendo does. Although admittedly, on the front end widget side there are some gaps and out of the box it's not as pretty as Kendo is. The advantage of YUI 3 is that there is a thriving community and everything they put on the "gallery" can be put to use in the same unified way as the "official widgets".

  3. One more framework?[ Go to top ]

    I applaud them for building on an existing framework (jquery) rather than creating a new one altogether but all I see is a re-implementation of what exists elsewhere (dojo, sencha, zk, and dozens of others).

    The question is: what's this got that the others don't?  On first inspection, not much that I could see.