Does a tech start-up’s infrastructure need to be that complex?


News: Does a tech start-up’s infrastructure need to be that complex?

  1. The guys at Plumbr represent a “typical? tech start-up: they develop and sell a software product, try to automate the infrastructure and don’t have the money to outsource everything. A few months down the road, they made a summary of how their infrastructure looks like and of how much it cost them.

    The number of different tools they need is amazing (must be around 20 in the list, and these don’t count the development tools). Would you have done better? Which tools would you have suggested instead?

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  2. Does not look that complex. I would have done the same (maybe with some different set of tools).

    Seems like this is a good cloud based bussiness model to provide these services as package for higher price to those who find it complex.

  3. Complexity is more about a sheer number of things we needed. Almost 20 different products/services for a start-up of 2 java guys. Not that all this setup took us a couple of month.

  4. That was an informative blog post. I'm sure it will help others out. Thanks.

  5. Couple of things[ Go to top ]

    They sure relied on a lot of cloud based tools infrastructure for a two developer start up. I would of gotten an older server put on my internet connection and ran a couple of vm instances to run my apps.

    AgileFant is free for agile develoment and managing product backlog. But bugzilla would have worked too, in place of jira.

    Alfresco is a nice little content management repository for their choice in using dropbox.

    Overall skin it both ways self hosting or cloud hosting the start-up costs are correct.