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  1. Session tracking prob (3 messages)

       We have hosted the site in Appache-Tomcat server
    In the index page we have links to othe pages. while login we get a session object and put userid in that.
        After login we click the link where we are not able to get session
    object in the page we reached after the click.
    We set session timeout 1800.
    Can anybody help in this.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Store the session Object in a bean and call the bean in case if you have if you feel the session is terminated. Good Luck.

  3. Hi Prasath Balakrishnan,
                      If i use bean for storing the session,
    what value i have to use for bean scope attribute. I mean
    what should be the scope of the bean?
  4. Scope of the bean should be session and what else.Can be application if you want otherwise.


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