When we did our last productivity survey, some critics voiced concerns that although we did reveal some interesting stats on Java development productivity (i.e. tools used,  % of total coding time forfeited to redeploys, etc), we only touched a very narrow slice of their day-to-day life. What do we really know about how developers spend their work week? 

So this time around, we made an all-out effort to put together a survey that will be useful to the not only the Java community, but all kinds of coders, team leads, project managers and CxOs all around the world. Some of the questions that we hope to answer are:

  • What do developers spend their days doing?
  • How efficient are those days?
  • What keep them up at night?
  • How do processes, tools and technologies help or hinder them?

This is an ambitious undertaking, especially because we wanted to keep all of this under 5 minutes. The resulting 20-question survey has only 5 Java-specific questions, so feel free to forward it to all your developer friends.

Our Ultimate Goal: To gain a better collective insight into the biggest productivity challenges that developers face today, as well into some of the tools and practices that keep us sane. Seems pretty simple, right?

So, without further ado — jump right in!