Why Polyglot Programming Stinks.


News: Why Polyglot Programming Stinks.

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    Last year we saw the launch of a new Web programming language Dart - Structured Web Programming from Google. A very interesting approach to support web application development. Not so long after Go, Groovy, Ruby, Scala, << Name your DSL here >>; we see Dart. Is it a good thing to have at least one programming language to solve one problem? The answer is, like we already know, it depends.

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  2. Your problem is Java[ Go to top ]

    Pretty bad article. The author claims "polyglot" programming is a mess that should be avoided, but most of his/her examples point to the real problem being Java and its many needlessly complex frameworks and libraries. He/she imagines that it must be dreadful if, on top of all that mess, one must also learn another language.

    However, like some commenters point out, the real equation is not "Java-created mess + another language" but "other languages which are cleaner and better than Java".

  3. Probably there are lots of subjects you can only discuss in your mother language (do you know the vocabulary for gardening, bike parts, food or animal breeding in your second or third language? I don't).

    Same goes for programming. I always wondered why one has to program build scripts in XML and not in Java, when the compile step is as easy as CTRL-S ?