How to build a simple GWT event bus using Generators


News: How to build a simple GWT event bus using Generators

  1. GWT Generators allows us to create dynamic, concise code without the runtime cost of Java reflection.  By providing hooks into the compiler, GWT lets us generate code at build time where we would normally use reflection.  In part 3 of the event bus series, we convert our pure java event bus to GWT using Generators for the heavy lifting.

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  2. Finally someone is acknowledging the madness happening for the last few years. This has been a very obvious issue that everybody was ignoring because of these reasons:

    1. Benefiting from getting people using your latest language.
    2. Benefiting from writing publication on how to use those languages.
    3. Using the new language to securing your job because nobody will be or want to maintain it.

    Learning a language should be a long term investment and not a one day flirt after which you use it like Java and call yourself an expert.

    Though emphasis on keeping it simple is good, the one thing I did not like about the article is that its too extreme on insisting to use one single language on the project. The problem is not whether you use multiple languages in the project but how you use them. The key is right separation.

    For example Java can pretty much cover most of back end requirements. Thanks to GWT, Android and even Swing its pretty good on client side as well. But it might not be a good choice for scripting, direct access to hardware (grphics), as desktop app on windows or mobile app on iPhone. For those cases use Groovy for scripting, C/C++ and wrap with JNI, or .NET for desktop and iOS for iPhone and connect to your simple Java backend via webservices. As long as you separate them properly it wont be a maintenance nightmare.



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