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    A month ago I had an incident on production that was caused, as I found out later, by poor performance of used JSON parser library. I’ve optimalized the code and got over it but decided to look for another library with better performance characteristics. I searched for some existing benchmarks as found two of them – one is for JSON manipulation on Android and second is thorough serialization test focused on different use-cases than I have. So I decided to write my on microbenchmark copying the use-case I had on the production.

    There are plenty differencies among JSON libraries regarding their features and resulting performance. So if you want to know my findings continue reading here: http://blog.novoj.net/2012/02/05/json-java-parsers-generators-microbenchmark/


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    Please repost the article summary.  It has inexcusable spelling and grammar errors galore.  It sounds like it was written by a non-English-speaking high-school student.

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    I am sorry if you feel offended by my english. I've already contacted my english teacher and will correct all mistakes soon (hopefully).

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    I've corrected few mistakes here and there. Please, tell me whether it is understandable for you now or otherwise I would really appreciate you giving me more clues. You did really guessed right that I am non-English (all-life) student.

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