x += x++ * x++ * x++; Really? Just a little mock OCAJP exam question to get you thinking.


News: x += x++ * x++ * x++; Really? Just a little mock OCAJP exam question to get you thinking.

  1. x += x++ * x++ * x++;

    Now that's a little annoying. You'd shoot a developer who worked that into a program, but it's they type of thing you'd see on a certification exam. Maybe it's a little too difficult for the OCAJP, the Associate exam from Oracle, but it's probably pretty good fodder for the new OCPJP exam for Java 7.

    Do you know the answer? Is it easy as PI, or does it push the boundaries a little bit. It should give you something to think about. If it doesn't, you're a better man than most.

    Mock Exam Question for the Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer Exam




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  2. Is this THE way how real Java programmers should be selected? Using riddles?

  3. Apparently Java 7 doesn't require variables to be declared anymore.

  4. variables[ Go to top ]

    The article referenced defines the variable.

  5. Sadly, it seems many companies think that "stump the developer" and riddles are the way to filter out talent. Even (and especially?) some big name ones (aka 800 lb gorillas).

  6. thisi is operator precedence[ Go to top ]

    x+=x++ * x++ * x++

    //this problem resolves to x+(x+2 * x+1* x)


    This is operator precedence problem



  7. Is that Brainfuck code?[ Go to top ]

    My boss would fire me if i could answer this question.

    I get paid for designing and writing Java Applications. Not for reading Brainfuck code.

  8. Java[ Go to top ]

    Wow that is mind boggling, Java has never been my first choice though.




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  9. Unfair OCAJP Questions[ Go to top ]

    It is entirely possible that one might have to maintain such a cryptic code base. However, one might have to do several other things as well while maintaining a code base. Does that mean they should all be on the test?

    I feel that in the limited time and number of questions that a candidate has to be tested within, it believe it is better to focus on basic programming and language skills than on deciphering cryptic code.

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