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    Thymeleaf is an elegant Java XML / XHTML / HTML5 template engine that works as a complete substitute for JSP with Natural Templating abilities (templates are displayable pages). It provides specific Spring MVC integrations and can be used online --in web servers-- as well as offline. A complete list of features can be read here: Creating rich HTML email is one of the offline applications of template engines, something JSP is usually not considered valid for because of its thight dependency on the servlet-api (usually Apache Velocity is used for this). Nevertheless, Thymeleaf can build on its offline capabilities to enable users to create feature-rich HTML email templates with expressions, internationalization, date/number formatting, etc. And what's more: thanks to its 'Natural Templating' abilities, it allows these email templates to be designed by UI designers as usual HTML pages, and continue to be displayable on a browser after being converted into working templates. See the full article here:
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  3. I'd like to say that this style of templating is really, really beautiful! Try once and you'd never want to use JSP (and even Velocity) again!

    With JSP in large projects I've always ended with many tag files representing some common "controls". With ThymeLeaf I have one file _controls.html which: 1) can be opened in browser, 2) contains *all* controls, 3) uses proper CSS and JavaScript (JQuery works perfectly!).


    Grzegorz Grzybek

  4. Hi,

    i downloaded the example and run it but not work correctly. The "Http status 404 " error appear when i running it. please help me.