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    RichFaces demonstrated to be a great framework for JSF, since the first release, but with RichFaces 4, 4.1 and now 4.2, RichFaces seems to loose the way to keep heading faces frameworks.
    RickFaces broke the sequence of evolution ant tried to do a revolution, changing almost its entire tag names. But what for? Why so rude ruption?
    Even some tags, that were harmless and have little to do with JSF, but was there since the beginning were removed from the framework, forcing developers to refactor their apps for so extreme preciosism from RichFaces.
    Other tags have their name changed for no reason.
    PrimeFaces on the other hand keep the line of natural evolution, fundamental in every framework, and now get in development teams for a reason very simple, "the changed in RichFaces 4.x is so big and so cruel that I may decide to refactor my app to a new framework, the effort is the same of upgrade Richfaces!".
    What an absurd!

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    seriously bud?

    i work with richfaces for 3 years

    and we know, redhat it's a big in opensource...


    currently im still on RF3.3.3 and still didnt took a look at RF4.X


    before starting a new project (mobile and touch functionalities involving) its very interesting to hear your point of view and also some one else's experiences



  3. lol[ Go to top ]

    haha nice one