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    Today Red Hat is happy to announce the availability of the Beta of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6. JBoss Data Grid 6 is a highly scalable distributed in-memory database and caching platform that enables organizations to cost-effectively scale data tiers without making compromises. Based upon the highly successful Infinispan product, JBoss Data Grid is already being used in multiple industries and has led to enterprises elastically scaling web applications without the costs and complexity associated with traditional data approaches.


    JBoss Data Grid has the following key capabilities

    • Schemaless Key Value Store – JBoss Data Grid is a NoSQL database that provides flexibility for storing different objects without a fixed data model
    • Grid Based Data Storage – JDG is designed to easily replicate data across multiple distributed nodes
    • Elastic Scaling – JDG allows the adding and removing of storage nodes to be achieved simply and without disruption
    • Support for applications written in Java and other languages such as C and .NET
    • Multiple Access Protocols – It is easy to access the data grid using REST, memcached, Hot Rod, JSR 107


    For more information about the JBoss Data Grid beta check out the microsite



  2. Out of curiousity, is JBoss DataGrid built on top of Inifinispan?

  3. That is correct. JDG 6 is a branch of Infinispan. The server component is built on top of JBoss EAP 6.

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    Is there a way to use the inmemory utility of the server to use as a cache to share data in a clustered environment, if yes any tips would be appritiated.


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    Yes, the download contains documentation on this.