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    Hi all,

        I'm a newbie with webservices and .net . I have a website which has a form and a validate buton.  After pressing the buton, visitors will get the form info in their computer to be processed and printed by an application. 

    This website will be only accessed by our visitors, and I have to create the application.

    I have thought I could pass the info from website to visitor's computer through a webservice, is it right? webservice will be installed in client's computer.   Then, can the webservice invoke the application and pass the parameters? Or my application will be the webservice itself (it will receive the data, process it and print it)?


    I know all clients personally and I can install all software I wish in their computers. 


    Thank you very much in advance,



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    Do you need to use a desktop client? If this is not required, you can use generic HTML form and process it on the serverside, and use generic HTML/HTTP protocol, without even using webservices at all. You can use HTTPS (this will require additional setup on the web server) if you want to guarantee secure data transmission via network between client and server.


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