ebXML successfully runs proof-of-concept simulation


News: ebXML successfully runs proof-of-concept simulation

  1. A demonstration of ebXML in action took place in Vienna, Austria on May 9 and 10, 2001 at the final meeting of the 18-month ebXML initiative sponsored by UN/CEFACT and OASIS. Simulations for eBusiness and healthcare were run, which used ebXML to execute real world use cases spanning multiple organizations.

    Information on this breaking news story has not yet been published by the ebXML initiative. Most of the info here comes from a press release from Iona, who was one of the players involved in running the eBusiness transaction simulation.

    The eBusiness "simulation began with the buyer discovering the seller through the ebXML registry. It then highlighted a seller catalog update through the e-marketplace, followed by the buyer's purchase order request. A request for credit was sent by the e-marketplace to the authorization agency, which responded with an invoice. Following an advance shipment notification, the credit agency transmitted messages to the banks of both the buyer and the seller to reflect the completion of the end-to-end business scenario."

    Read IONA Completes End-to-End Business Scenario Based on ebXML.
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  2. This sounds kind of like the EJB deploy-a-thon at JavaOne a few years ago. I wonder if they will do something like this at this year's JavaOne...

    Robert McIntosh
  3. Please note carefully what the IONA release says: "using the ebXML Messaging Service...". The problem with real-life application of ebXML as it is now is that it lacks the message specifications, and useful set of core components. This "messaging service" is essentially somewhat augmented SOAP.

    The trasport layer spec ("messaging service") is quite good. So is the Business Process spec. However, for the average Joe User there needs to be a catalog of core components (reusable data elements), and core messages ("common PO"). These specs are either lacking, or missing.

    So, although I'm glad a lot of good standardization work has been done, I'd say ebXML is not yet there when it comes to provide real pure _ebXML_ end-to-end Proof of Concept demonstration. This one was just the transport layer PoC.